National Apprenticeship Week


This week has been all about apprenticeships with our goal being to spread the word about why an apprenticeship might be right for you! We have posted some amazing comments from those who have undergone training with us to a video busting those speculative myths about the stigma around apprenticeships all on our social media channels. As National Apprenticeship Week sadly comes to an end, we wanted to put together some of the greatest comments we have received from our learners about their apprenticeships.  

All our learners have had a great experience whilst undertaking their apprenticeships, and all have carried on learning and growing within their job roles. An apprenticeship doesn’t just help you get a qualification it helps you climb up the career ladder. You can become more confident within your role whilst learning as well as earning on the job.

The great part about training with us is that all training is delivererd in the workplace, meaning there is no day trip to college allowing you to say on top of your work. Our trainers at Steadfast are incredibly supportive and will make sure you get all the support you need to succeed in completing your qualification.

Here are some comments of what our learners had to say about their apprenticeships: 

Name: Del

Qualification: Data Analyst Level 4

Job Title: System Support Sfficer  

“I made the decision to undertake an apprenticeship as I had recently changed job roles and wished to further my knowledge in this area. My apprenticeship has been an interesting, beneficial experience which blends well with into my day to day work. The best part of my apprenticeship so far has been all the parts where it has challenged my technical knowledge. I'd definitely recommend an apprenticeship; it is a great way to learn a range of skills.”


Name: Tasha

Qualification: Social Media and Digital Marketing Level 3 

Job Title: Marketing Assistant

"I would describe my apprenticeship experience as enjoyable. The best part was realising what I've learnt throughout the course. I decided to do an apprenticeship as I wanted to gain a qualification and learn new skills but wasn't interested in attending college or going to university. I would recommend an apprenticeship to anyone who wishes to gain a qualification."


Name: Jayne

Qualification:  Adult Care Worker Level 3

Job Title: Elderly Healthcare Coordinator

 "I made the decision to undertake an apprenticeship as I wanted a qualification to back up my job role. My apprenticeship experience has been really good and my trainer, Kerry, is an excellent support. The best part of my apprenticeship is the confidence it brings."


Name: Joanna

Qualification: Care Leadership and Management Level 5

Job Title: Home Manger

"An apprenticeship enabled me to learn specific skills and knowledge and gain confidence. I would recommend an apprenticeship to others"


Name: David

Qualification: IT Level 3

Job Title: Clinical Audit Manger

“I had a really good apprenticeship experience. Any problems, issues or advice I needed my trainer was always on hand to answer. I decided to do an apprenticeship to increase my education background and to aid my personal development. I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship to others, in fact one of my co-workers has just started one!"

Find out more about what we offer and get in touch if you are interested in undergoing an apprenticeship within your workplace.   

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