On the Job: A Day in the life of a Digital Marketing Apprentice

I’m Tasha, I am the digital marketing apprentice here at Steadfast and this is a day in my life.

When I get to work I start by checking our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) for any messages or comments as well as seeing what likes/shares we received on posts from the previous night.

After this I check and respond to emails. Normally I will get one or two emails from other members of staff asking me to complete small tasks, so I get these done first.

If it’s the end of a month I normally make sure all of our social media posts are ready for the following month. I also start to create one of our companies’ newsletters. We have a bi monthly company newsletter as well as a bi monthly safeguarding newsletter which is themed around a safeguarding issue each month, for example, this month is sustainability. You can check out our previous safeguarding newsletter from this year on our website. On the very last day of every month I update our analytics spreadsheet, this involves going through our social media platforms and website to see how they are each performing.

Every day is very different, and some are busier than others. If we have an event coming up I will be helping to organise that, or if a new member of staff starts I will take their photo and create their staff ID. 

The list of jobs goes on forever but I enjoy every one!

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