There has never been a better time to employ an Apprentice.

What is an Apprenticeship?
Apprenticeships refer to on-the-job training leading to nationally recognised qualifications. The length of an Apprenticeship varies depending on prior skill levels of the Apprentice, the qualification being obtained and industry sector. Generally, Apprenticeships take between 12 and 18 months to complete.

Who are they for?
You can use Apprenticeships to train both new and existing employees. Apprenticeships are open to all ages over 16, whether they are just leaving school, have been working for years or are seeking to start a new career.

Please call Steadfast Training Ltd to discuss each course in further detail and how it may benefit your company. Remember, we want to work with you to get the best results possible.

Courses Available;

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Latest News

NEW! Online Courses


We are pleased to announce we now offer Online Courses for businesses and individuals

National Apprenticeship Week 2016

The dates for National Apprenticeship Week 2016 have been announced!

Schools 'must offer Apprenticeship options'

Schools in England are now required to promote 'vocational routes' as much as academic subjects in an attempt to 'level the playing field' and stop 'outdated snobbery' 


National Apprenticeship Wage has risen!

The National Minimum Wage increase applies from today (01/10/2015)

Steadfast Training Ltd Celebrates 10 years of Success

The Team at Steadfast Training Ltd celebrated 10 years of success at their annual company day with a visit to the circus! The team took part in a workshop with ‘Circus Sensible’ learning a variety of circus skills from juggling to walking the tight rope.