Case Studies


Jessica started doing a Level 3 award in Health and Social Care when she was 18; Jessica was a very competent worker and keen to gain a qualification and further her career in Health and Social Care. Jessica overcame many bumps throughout her qualification and was supported through her course unit by unit as her assessor knew she was more than capable of doing it. Jessica completed her level 3 and has now applied to do her nurse training at Sheffield University.

Steadfast Training Ltd Apprenticeship Social Media Case Study 


Chloe started a Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship with Steadfast Training Ltd when she was 19, Chloe was keen to start developing her career in the Digital Industry. Chloe has now completed her apprenticeship and was offered a full time job with Steadfast Training Ltd.

“I feel as if I’ve gained a lot of responsibility whilst at Steadfast and thoroughly enjoy being in charge of my own projects and I’ve not only learnt a lot through my coursework but also learnt a lot about the workplace and gained brilliant work ethics from some of the greatest colleagues. I can honestly say starting an apprenticeship with Steadfast Training Ltd was the best career move I will ever make.”


George Runnels was doing a Level 2 Business Administration Apprenticeship at 16 and worked as an IT assistant in a school and loved his job but was extremely shy and anxious. He really opened up throughout the award explaining he was very nervous about doing the award but was enjoying it and felt more relaxed now. George has now finished his apprenticeship and has been offered a full time job, at the school.

      Steadfast Training IT Apprenticeship Case Study       


Demi started an IT apprenticeship with Drive by Websites in 2013 and shortly become South Holland Apprentice of the year.

Christine of Drive By Designs says “it’s quite refreshing to have young people in the office and to hear young people’s ideas. From day one Demi was making money for the company because of the design work”.

Drive By Websites director Christine says “If companies are thinking of having an apprentice I would say it is a very good idea. It has worked very well for us”

Drive By Websites appeared in  ‘Spalding Guardian’ with a full page story about their apprentices from Steadfast Training Ltd, which was very well received.

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We are pleased to announce we now offer Online Courses for businesses and individuals

National Apprenticeship Week 2016

The dates for National Apprenticeship Week 2016 have been announced!

Schools 'must offer Apprenticeship options'

Schools in England are now required to promote 'vocational routes' as much as academic subjects in an attempt to 'level the playing field' and stop 'outdated snobbery' 


National Apprenticeship Wage has risen!

The National Minimum Wage increase applies from today (01/10/2015)

Steadfast Training Ltd Celebrates 10 years of Success

The Team at Steadfast Training Ltd celebrated 10 years of success at their annual company day with a visit to the circus! The team took part in a workshop with ‘Circus Sensible’ learning a variety of circus skills from juggling to walking the tight rope.